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We thank the DeSalvo family for allowing us to honor this beautiful woman. See, because they are clear you can even wear them inside and see what you are doing. We recommend you avoid any contact with acetone, ammonia, glue, suntan cream lotion, solvents, chain oils, fragrance, sprays, insecticides and household cleaning products If your eyewear is regularly exposed to saltwater or excessive perspiration, we suggest you routinely wash lenses and frames with freshwater in order to prevent oxidation or corrosion Do not leave your sunglasses in a hot environment which may cause damage to your lenses and frame — for example the dashboard of your car.

Rudy Project & GODSPEED: Race Across America on May 22

Even with intense activity and over long distances, the use of novel concepts such as the Venturi effect in fluid dynamics and adjustable lenses keep airflow at a perfect level and eliminate moisture buildup. Just avoid cleaning the lenses with a t-shirt; use the microfiber cloth that comes with the sunglasses instead.

In addition to coaching multisport athletes, he has coached high school cross country and track runners in California and masters swimmers in Colorado and California. The Ability is perfect for all active women. Chlorine is a chemical element and will react with lens coatings.

And as part of my review I am not going to go out of my way to prove this. Although I received the pair at no cost from the Rudy Project, had I paid for them I would have been very impressed even before trying them out. More Don't miss this great deal from e-rudy.

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When running or trekking or cycling, the accompanying semi-rigid clamshell case can be easily stowed in a pack or jersey pocket.

The best names in designer eyewear are here for you. Clean your sunglasses regularly and ONLY use a soft soap no abrasive formulas and cold water, then dry them with a soft clean cloth.

Not sure why you would need to wear them inside but hey, I like to really get to know a product before writing my review…. Try-on your eyewear, and if you're not satisfied, we offer an easy and competitive returns policy. Wooten Woods, owned by Victor Wooten, a 5-time Grammy award winning musician, and his wife Holly, was built by the hands, sweat, love, and contributions of friends and students from around the world.

The product tested for this review was supplied by Rudy Project. Rudy Project Synform Convenience. Comparable sunglasses from Oakley retail for substantially less, and even those prices are difficult to justify for an athlete on a limited budget.

Rudy Project

Damage due to improper care and handling is not covered, refer to our recommended care guidelines. If you want high fashion, low prices, and the latest collections, then we have what you want.

If you have seen them for less elsewhere, please let us know using our price match form. Since the lenses are clear in low light, I could wear them at night during windy conditions. Watch video · Rudy grew up in a steel mill town where most people ended up working, but wanted to play football at Notre Dame instead.

There were only a couple of problems. His grades were a little low, his athletic skills were poor, and he was only half the size of the other players. Rudy Project produces and sells the best products for sports: sunglasses, prescription sports glasses, bike helmets, bicycle helmets, cycling helmets, ski goggles.

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The United States national governing body for the sport of Ultimate. Oct 18,  · As some of you know I recently was fortunate to become part of one of the largest and most proud shooting teams in the US and that's the Rudy Project USA Competition Squad.

For those that don't know, or for those that are cycling guru's, Rudy Project USA is one of the premier eyewear manufacturers in the world.

Rudy project usa
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